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When Opportunity Knocks

Academys 2024 Production 

When Opportunity Knocks

In life’s grand theater, opportunity plays its part— A fleeting guest, a whisper in the heart. It knocks upon our door, a gentle plea, And waits for us to heed its urgent plea.

The door, our choice, can swing wide or stay shut, A threshold crossed or a chance forever cut. Unlock the latch, embrace the unknown, For opportunity’s song is rarely overblown.

Sometimes it wears a disguise, a humble guise, A seed of potential hidden from our eyes. Yet within its fragile shell lies boundless might, A chance to soar, to reach for greater height.

So when opportunity knocks, don’t hesitate, Throw wide the door, embrace your fate. For in that moment, as the hinges creak, Lies the promise of a future yet to speak.

Remember, my friend, life’s canvas is vast, And opportunity’s brush strokes are cast. Answer the door, let possibility unfurl, And watch as your story transforms the world. 

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