Feed Your Favorite Corps

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Thank you for becoming one of our Feed Your Favorite Corps meal sponsors!

Feeding our members, staff and volunteers on the road is an enormous challenge, and we depend on the extra support of our friends and family to provide nutritious and plentiful food cooked by our volunteers on our food truck.

You can Feed Your Favorite Corps in the following ways:

$50 provides fresh fruit during a meal.

$75 supplies a Birthday Treat of cake, brownies or pudding cups!

$150 funds an evening snack.

$250 covers a breakfast, lunch or dinner.

$900 supports an entire day of meals.


$25 - $50 - $100 toward the end of year Member Banquet!


When choosing more than one item please add them to your cart separately.

Your meal sponsorship will be recognized by our members during the meal of your choosing on our Facebook fan, volunteer and parent pages.

Thank you for helping us keep our hard working performers and supporting staff fueled through our rigorous rehearsal and competitive season

Note:  Please use the Preferred Date box if you want to sponsor a specific date.  We will do our best to accommodate your request.  The Comment box can be used to let us know the details of your support, how you would like your gift acknowledged and if it is for a particular member or celebration.